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What is avaliable and how to order....

Everything on this website is avaliable to purchase, and when I say everything I mean it. No photo is left to just be looked at online, they are all available in high quality prints and many other formats.
Examples include:
- High quality matt and gloss prints
- Canvas
- Mugs
- Mousemats
- Framed work
- Mounted work
All of the photos can be printed in many different sizes, from 2" x 2" square marshmallows to A1 and A2 framed prints. Of course at the moment printing costs are changing left right and centre, so putting  prices online is not advisable. If you are interested in any of my photos do not hesitate to contact me on the form to the right or on the 'About Becky' page where you can also find my social media pages and a direct email address to contact me.
I do hope that this information helps and when contacting me you will be having a personal 1to1 conversation with the person who took the photographs which is often not available from  some bigger sources!
Thanks again for your interest.
Becky Melton

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